Sunday, July 2, 2017

Shark Week 2017

Sunday, March 19, 2017

I Spy Amazing Dies!

I am so excited to be part of the 2017 Laura Kelly Ellison Design Team. It is amazing what you can create with die cuts and I use them frequently in my classroom. When my package arrived I was so excited!


I received an Ellison SuperStar, Laura Kelly Pet Shop Flashcard set, and Laura Kelly Heart die cuts. I could not wait to start creating! March was almost here and I knew I would be using the dies soon for Read Across America, St. Patrick's Day, and spring! 

I volunteered to bring treats for my kiddos classes for Read Across America. Since I can not volunteer, due to teaching my own class, I love to donate! As a teacher I know it is so much easier when snacks are packaged and ready to hand out. I decided to use the fishbowl and fish flashcard die to create a The Cat In The Hat themed snack. I have always loved the fish in the story so he was my inspiration. I then used Swedish Fish, M&Ms, popcorn, adorable straws, and cups. 

Each student received their own fish puppet to take home!

My next project was to find a way to have a pinch free classroom for St. Patrick's Day. I already had students talking about what happens if you do not wear green! I sat down with my dies ready to create. I began looking at them and instantly spotted a Leprechaun hat that could be created by turning the mason jar flashcard die upside down. It worked perfect! I used Kunin Group felt which is amazing! It is so easy to cut and comes in gorgeous colors and patterns. I then used paint, glitter stickers, and ribbon to embellish. I just love these adorable Leprechaun hat necklaces. 

My last project is to use in April. My students just LOVE the I SPY books. They always look for them first when it is time to look at a book. The pages are perfect for my kindergartners! They contain sight words and pictures. You can order them from Scholastic. 

I decided to use the Laura Kelly Pet Shop Flashcards dies to create an Easter themed I SPY. I cut out the shapes using felt so they would be durable for students to use.  I used a large piece of Kunin patterned felt, Styrofoam eggs, small egg erasers, corkboard letters, and paper shreds to create a colorful Easter background. I then added the felt dies. 

Next I took a photo of the Easter scene for students to use and printed it. In pairs students will help each other find the shapes and complete the recording sheet. Students will draw a picture of the object when they find it and then use phonetic spelling to write the word. The students will then record all the letters they spied in the last box. They will use the felt shapes to know what they are searching for.

I created a simple recording sheet, feel free to download it below.

I SPY Recording Sheet Freebie

I use die cuts so much in my classroom! If you are interested in any of the dies used in this blog post please see the links below. Thank you Laura Kelly and Ellison for all the amazing supplies!

Ellison SuperStar Machine
Laura Kelly Pet Shop Flashcards