Saturday, July 26, 2014

The Teacher Kit August

These mats are double sided and I will probably use them for a math game.

I have never tried nutella before, it is so yummy!

I love these Avery round labels, tags, and of course I already LOVE PinHooks. I have been sent some to review from PinHooks and have been using them all over my classroom to get my room ready. I know I have said it before, but I promise I am doing a giveaway on them soon! I am working on using them to clear up table space and so many other things!

What teacher doesn't need tissue and stickers, I use these daily in my classroom. I will probably put these little packs in my son's backpack for school.

I love all the goodies and they will be put to good use!

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Monday Made It

Next time I will place a piece of paper/cardstock between the plastic and tape on both sides. Some of the residue was hard to remove. I would also make sure I went up a little more with the tape for a thicker line to hide any of the original color that might show in the crease. Not to much more than above, just a little.
The white strips of thin cardboard shown here came with the pocket chart.
Once both sides of the pocket are covered you may spray the back now or wait until after you are done with the front.
Take it slow and use thin coats to avoid puddles and runs with the paint.

You can also do this before you fold the pockets and put tape on the back.
When you are all done spraying you finally get to......
Removing all of the tape you spent forever putting on is a great feeling!!
However, then my friend Mr. Red shows up again! I checked it and it looked ok while spraying. You may need to pull the pocket back a little and spray down there. When I did the pink on red this wasn't noticeable because they colors were not so different like these are. This will be covered up when you put things in the pockets.
However.... I am kind of meticulous so the red was bugging me!!
I added tape again on the front only, I made sure to cover the whole pocket except for what I was spraying (a thicker line).  You can get the over spray off with a magic eraser but it is so much easier just to cover every pocket on the top real quick.
If needed, clean the pockets after your all done spraying.
 Yeah, I was so excited!!!
You only need a little dot of glue if you use super glue, it will spread and cover the area. When you are gluing do not put the chart on the table and press down to adhere or your finger behind it, the glue seeps to the back a little! I learned this the hard way, my poor table and finger! I just held it up and pressed on the front. It dried pretty fast! If you sew, you may just want to use a clear thread instead of glue. You can now choose your item to run down the sides to hide the glue!! With the thicker washi on the pink one I did use a little bit of glue to help it adhere to the chart.
And, your done!!! I would LOVE to see your pics!!
Sorry about the pic! It was hard to take a picture with it hanging and the plastic pockets.

Lessons Learned and Suggestions
1. Use gloves when spray painting. The paint on your hands will get on the pocket when you remove the tape!
2. Use a strip of paper or cardstock between the tape and the pocket on both sides. I originally just used the strip that it came with because it was already there, but it really helped! This will save you time later! I had to remove some of the residue from the tape and it wasn't easy.
3. Glossy spray paint was easier to use than satin. The satin tended to make little puddles and run.
4. Use colors that compliment each other. When I sprayed the red with purple as seen above, it was a lot harder than the pink on red. If the red showed a little bit in at the bottom of the pocket it wasn't as noticeable. A blue pocket chart would of been a lot better for the purple. I know I have said this a million times!! LOL
5. Take your time and use thin coats. The thread takes a little more paint to cover.
 Thank you for stopping by!!
Now go buy some spray paint and turn that old blue pocket chart into something you LOVE!!

Friday, July 11, 2014

To Do List 7/12-7/19

I can't believe school starts in a month! Where did the summer go! It has been so hot here in the desert, around 115 each day! Needless to say, we swim a lot. The last week of school each year I have so many things that I think I will get done over the summer that will make the next year easier. Most of it is organizing, because I am a container hoarder and buying them makes me happy! I laminated over 100 feet of materials the week school got out and I still have so much more to cut. I also have two thank you packages to finish up and need to start on a new one for Fuel Your School. If you haven't heard of it is AMAZING!! I suggest you check it out right after you read my post.
With school starting on August 12th, that is so early, I need to make a to do list to stay focused. I should of made a list at the end of the year when I was all ready for a very productive summer. That is another thing I need to do, use my planner to stay organized! So here it goes, my to do list for the next week.  I was going to list everything I could think of that I needed to finish before school started but I need to be realistic!

To Do List 7/12-7/19 

1. Catch up on the Bloghoppin Scavenger Hunt and make a custom sign! If you are not participating check out Bloghoppin for more details on how you can win some awesome prizes and have some fun!
2. Wrap my SLANT box items, it has been so much fun shopping for my partner! I hope everything makes my partner smile.
3. Set up my classroom, why must I change it ever year. Please tell me I am not the only one that does this!
4. Share and blog all my ideas for PinHooks and get ready for a giveaway!

5. Make a Kindle holder for my classroom Kindles (Monday Made It).  
6. Work on the orientation pamphlet for the first day of school.
7. Think about how I will be implementing Character Counts in my classroom.

I am hoping to get all of these things done this week and to post a new list next week!
 What is on your to do list?
Last but not least, did anyone else score on the awesome deal on sharpies? I was so excited to stock up on the deal Staples had. I wanted to give a pack away! All you have to do is enter below. Thank you for supporting me in this new blogging adventure!

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

The Teacher Kit July and Giveaway!

I LOVE getting stuff in the mail! I live in a small town and most of my shopping is done online. We don't even have a Target! When I heard about The Teacher Kit I was excited to subscribe. The Teacher Kit is a monthly subscription box for teachers. They are shipped the first week of each month and contain a variety of items such as; manipulatives, supplies, incentives, snacks, and more. The monthly plan is $24 a month. They have 3, 6, and 12 month plans that are discounted. I purchase so many items for my classroom (who doesn't, right) that I knew this was for me. I received my July box a few days ago, you can pictures of all the goodies below.
I love the tote bag, it will be great to carry items to and from work or to use for fun. I enjoy using the pennant banners on bulletin boards, they are so colorful. The foam sheets will be great to die cut and make stickers from, my students love stickers! I have already used the ice-cream and shaved ice stickers for an incentive for my son to finish his summer workbook which he was so excited to use the flag pencils to write with. The chevron bags will be great to make treat bags for my coworkers or parent volunteers. In my curriculum we read from an Anthology book each week. Each story is from a different country and this globe will be perfect to show the students where the story came from. I am keeping the popcorn to take to school for an emergency lunch on one of those crazy busy days! I love the encouragement cards, they will be great to use when students reach their AR goals because they can also be used as a bookmark! The dice is something I will add to my collection. My students love dice games and they will also be great for addition. The chalkboard clip is adorable and I have purchased some of these before and they are great to label baskets, sort papers, or even as a gift tag!
I have teamed up with the lovely people at The Teacher Kit for a giveaway! The Teacher Kit is going to giveaway 30 of the Chevron Favor Bags, these would be great to use for student treat bags on the first day of school! I will also be giving away an August The Teacher Kit to help kick off the new school year! Please make sure to follow me on bloglovin'. You can click on the bloglovin' link in the right column. a Rafflecopter giveaway