Friday, July 11, 2014

To Do List 7/12-7/19

I can't believe school starts in a month! Where did the summer go! It has been so hot here in the desert, around 115 each day! Needless to say, we swim a lot. The last week of school each year I have so many things that I think I will get done over the summer that will make the next year easier. Most of it is organizing, because I am a container hoarder and buying them makes me happy! I laminated over 100 feet of materials the week school got out and I still have so much more to cut. I also have two thank you packages to finish up and need to start on a new one for Fuel Your School. If you haven't heard of it is AMAZING!! I suggest you check it out right after you read my post.
With school starting on August 12th, that is so early, I need to make a to do list to stay focused. I should of made a list at the end of the year when I was all ready for a very productive summer. That is another thing I need to do, use my planner to stay organized! So here it goes, my to do list for the next week.  I was going to list everything I could think of that I needed to finish before school started but I need to be realistic!

To Do List 7/12-7/19 

1. Catch up on the Bloghoppin Scavenger Hunt and make a custom sign! If you are not participating check out Bloghoppin for more details on how you can win some awesome prizes and have some fun!
2. Wrap my SLANT box items, it has been so much fun shopping for my partner! I hope everything makes my partner smile.
3. Set up my classroom, why must I change it ever year. Please tell me I am not the only one that does this!
4. Share and blog all my ideas for PinHooks and get ready for a giveaway!

5. Make a Kindle holder for my classroom Kindles (Monday Made It).  
6. Work on the orientation pamphlet for the first day of school.
7. Think about how I will be implementing Character Counts in my classroom.

I am hoping to get all of these things done this week and to post a new list next week!
 What is on your to do list?
Last but not least, did anyone else score on the awesome deal on sharpies? I was so excited to stock up on the deal Staples had. I wanted to give a pack away! All you have to do is enter below. Thank you for supporting me in this new blogging adventure!


  1. I start school August 11, so I totally understand!! I have a month left, and so much to get done!! I love your weekly to do list!! What a great idea!!

    Mrs. 3rd Grade 

    1. It's so early! I am hoping my lists keep me focused! Thank you!

  2. Thank you for the giveaway! Easiest one to enter EVER!

  3. I was able to get the Sharpies in my Staples store. I showed them the price on their website and they matched it. Such a good deal for Sharpies!

  4. Thank you for the awesome Sharpie giveaway!