Monday, August 11, 2014

Teacher Created Resources Dollar Saving Teachers

Teacher Created Resources and Dollar Tree
I am so excited to work with Teacher Created Resources! I know all teachers love the Dollar Tree, the colors this summer were perfect for any classroom.
Here are the items I received from Teacher Created Resources, my favorite is the Ribbon Runners! They are double sided and have so many uses.  I want to order everyone they carry.
The first project I completed was a “How Do We Go Home” bulletin. At the end of the day in Kindergarten, ensuring that all students get to the right place can be pretty hectic. I have tried using a poster with labels, a list on a clipboard, and a clip chart using clothes pins but none of those have worked for me. Parents often change the way students get home throughout the year. I wanted an easy way to change it if needed. Using the items I received from the Teacher Created Resources and the items below from the Dollar Tree I created a bulletin that will work for my classroom!
These holders are magnetic!
I purchased these popsicle sticks a while ago at the Dollar Tree. The floral foam is great to use when you want the item to stay in place, I will be using it to hold the popsicle sticks in place.
Here is my finished project! I love how it turned out. It is located in the back of my classroom right above our cubbies and next to the door we exit from.
This project was quick and easy! I chose to create a bulletin board, but the containers are magnetic so you could use them on your whiteboard or classroom door if they are magnetic.
The first thing I did was apply the ribbon runner to the containers. You could use either side which is so perfect! I did laminate mine so that they were durable and ready to do for whatever I wanted to use them for. I used glue dots and double sided tape.
Next, I created the circles using the large zebra accents and letters from Teacher Created Resources. I used letters to represent how students get home, W-walker, P-pickup, A-After School Program, and B-bus. I am always finding ways to work on sounds and this is the perfect way to end the day with a little sound review. Students are always excused by the teacher in these small groups, one group at a time.
After you put the circles together, adhere them to the front of the container.
You will now need to cut the floral foam circle in fourths and place one piece in each container. This will help to hold the popsicle/craft sticks in place.

I then created my bulletin board, please see the pictures below:
After the bulletin is all setup it is time to staple on the holders, add some tissue paper, and add the popsicle sticks with students names and how they get home. I can’t wait to receive my class list and writing names. I will coordinate the small accent circles to coordinate with the large accent circles.
I will laminate the small accents so that I can reuse them year after year!
I love how this turned out! I will be posting my second project tomorrow!

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